viernes, 31 de agosto de 2007

Papel Continuo

Uno de mis blogs favoritos es Papel Continuo , el cual siempre recopila y comenta temas relacionados con el diseño. Es dificil describir este blog. Ellos mismos se describen como " Diseño, Arte, Cultura Popular y Freakismos Retroactivos", por lo que uno puede encontrar desde historietas de la segunda guerra mundial, galerias de portadas de comics de los 70's ,galerias de portadas de discos de vinilo, y un largisimo etc... y lo mejor es que esta en español. :)

Mexico CIty International Airport Terminal 2 near completion

The good news is that the new terminal of this old Mexico City airport is finally near completion and will enter in service by November or December this year. The airlines that will operate from this terminal include Aeromar, Aerolitoral, Aeromexico, Continental and Delta. And for those connecting passengers that need to go to the Terminal 1, there will be an air train "Aerotren" , connecting both buildings. The new terminal will have 23 gates and 6 remote gates. One of these days I will be making an "exploratory visit" and I will let you know how is it like. I don't know if the old airport observatory in Hangares Avenue is still working, I suppose not. :(

miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2007

Trans Siberian video present in Denmark and China

Today I found that my Trans Siberian video has been linked by two websites, one in DENMARK! and the other in CHINA! which I believe is the chinese version of Youtube. I hope these two new links will help increase the number of views. If you see it , please rate it and comment it!

viernes, 17 de agosto de 2007

Bjork - Volta

Oh no, it's the Bjork many of us don't like, again! Her new album Volta is just a bunch of noises, distorted sounds, out of tune, and without melody. I understand artists should evolve, Bjork certainly has the talent to move forward but with this new release I bet she is going the other way. If you haven't been into Bjork, this is deffinitely not the album to get into her. I miss the pre-Medulla Bjork. I miss her so much.

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