martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

The Catch of the Day: snacks wrappers from the 1980's

So this afternoon I was doing some jogging at a park near home (northwest Mexico City), and while I was running it seemed to me to have spotted a "Ruffles" potato chips wrapper from the 1980's... it was very odd. I picked it up and yes, it was a vintage wrapper!. It seemed one of the hills of the park used to be some sort of landfill 30 years ago and some of the earth had moved revealing what I would call "contemporary archaeology". Me being an advertising items collector headed towards the hill for more trash-hunting finding one wrapper of Sabritas original (Sabritas is the frito-lay trade brand in Mexico), one wrapper of Sabritas adobadas (spiced), one wrapper of Ruffles (the one that brought my attention), one wrapper of Cheetos, two wrappers of Gansito Marinela, a very popular choco-cake in Mexico from the multi-billion giant Bimbo, one peanut bar wrapper from Mafer (now owned by Pepsico too) and a Chicharrones (pork skins) Barcel wrapper. It was exciting to find these wrappers because they brought back memories from my childhood, but the message was far more shocking: these wrappers were almost intact and they've been buried for 30 years! Recycling in those times were unimaginable, not to say bio-degradable packaging. Certainly these wrappers are an example for future generations about how much garbage human kind can generate.

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Aviacsa Regresará

Aviacsa planea regresar al mercado en diciembre después de salir de la bancarrota con nuevos accionistas, siete aviones y nuevo plan de negocio.       

viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

México competitivo

De acuerdo a un estudio de Deloitte, México ocupa el sexto lugar en el índice global de competitividad en la industria manufacturera a nivel mundial, China, India, Corea, Brasil y EEUU están por encima de México en este índice e inmediatamente después está Japón. Good news.

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