martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

The Catch of the Day: snacks wrappers from the 1980's

So this afternoon I was doing some jogging at a park near home (northwest Mexico City), and while I was running it seemed to me to have spotted a "Ruffles" potato chips wrapper from the 1980's... it was very odd. I picked it up and yes, it was a vintage wrapper!. It seemed one of the hills of the park used to be some sort of landfill 30 years ago and some of the earth had moved revealing what I would call "contemporary archaeology". Me being an advertising items collector headed towards the hill for more trash-hunting finding one wrapper of Sabritas original (Sabritas is the frito-lay trade brand in Mexico), one wrapper of Sabritas adobadas (spiced), one wrapper of Ruffles (the one that brought my attention), one wrapper of Cheetos, two wrappers of Gansito Marinela, a very popular choco-cake in Mexico from the multi-billion giant Bimbo, one peanut bar wrapper from Mafer (now owned by Pepsico too) and a Chicharrones (pork skins) Barcel wrapper. It was exciting to find these wrappers because they brought back memories from my childhood, but the message was far more shocking: these wrappers were almost intact and they've been buried for 30 years! Recycling in those times were unimaginable, not to say bio-degradable packaging. Certainly these wrappers are an example for future generations about how much garbage human kind can generate.

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carlosjoseperezsamano dijo...

y encontraste todas esas envolturas ahí??
Que cagado!!!

Oye, con ese post me acordé de un artista que fue a la ibero y nos expuso su obra.
Lo que él hace es recoger basuras chiquitas (de preferencia inorgánicas) y las envuelve en unos empaques super nice de celofán. Lo vende como basura, pero carísimo. En los museos y galerías…. Y lo que hace es re-definir el concepto de basura como un objeto artístico (parecido a lo que tú hiciste)
Y otra de sus obras es imprimir unas hojas que dicen “ESTO NO ES BASURA” y lo tira en el piso. Algunas veces hace bolitas, o los arruga y los tira descaradamente en cualquier lugar. La gente al levantarlo, puede leer “esto no es basura” y genera un pequeño conflicto, porque las personas lo consideran basura (por ser un papel tirado) pero el mismo artículo te dice que no es basura, y no saben como reaccionar. ¿Tirarlo al bote? ¿Dejarlo ahí? ¿Devolvérselo? Y con eso ya hizo que la gente participara en esta redefinición de la basura como objeto artístico.

Es parecido a lo tuyo.
Te mando un abrazo y están bien padres tus envolturas retro. ¿Las guardaste?

Pete dijo...

hey - thats fantastic - I collect similar stuff and have actually dug some wrappers and bags up as well - check out my pics at - do you have a flickr album - Id like to see more of your collection - have you run into any Cheetos bags - Im looking to get more of those - your case - I only have a couple from Mexico - so I could use recent/current ones as well - drop me a line ( - maybe we could do a swap

Anónimo dijo...

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